Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Building a perfect house

After 3 years, I closed on the perfect lot the Monday after Thanksgiving. Almost immediately I hired an architect, which was a journey in itself, and fortunately, I found the perfect person (Lindy Small) to build my perfect house. This morning she said, "We should start a blog about building this house," and so we have.

What's the PLUS mean? We started out thinking this house would have a zero carbon footprint -- 100% solar, graywater and rainwater systems, hydronic floors with solar pre-heated water, plus green building materials and methods. But then we decided to make the house actually less than zero, or more than zero, however you want to think of it. It actually is a "plus" for the local environment. Then it became the "Pretty Little Ultra Sustainable" house, which is still changing. One of these days we'll find the perfect terminology for the acronym.

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