Saturday, June 28, 2014

A glimpse of things to come

Building the forms for the footings and retaining walls has given some structure to the house early in the process. Although most of the concrete work that these forms represent won't really be visible, the forms themselves show the outline of the house. At this stage, that's cool. Here are some progress photos taken this week.

The NW salon wall, from the east:

Here's what that corner looked like a mere 8 days ago, on June 19th:

The master bedroom walls went from nothing to well-defined this week:

A westerly view on the day Adorno began work:

Mid-week last week:

Here's a walk-around of the house as of Friday, June 27th.

This first photo is a slightly skewed panorama of the W wall of the house, taken from the west. This wall is 18' of glass in the middle, right about where that sheet of plywood is acting as a bridge; that little pop-up on the right is a wall, and then there's more glass. The south wall of the dining room, which is in the next photo, is at the far right of this photo.

The S wall of the DR:

The E wall of the DR and the S wall of the kitchen, which is the threshold for glass doors onto the south patio:

Close up of the S wall of the kitchen:

The master bedroom and bath walls. The trench in the foreground is for footing to support a slab-over-foundation floor, which the east half of the house will be:

The ongoing garage excavation:

Finish date: April 15th

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