Thursday, June 5, 2014

Construction begins

We thought we'd begin exactly on April 16th, but problems with a neighbor (whose relative is a lawyer) delayed us for another 3 weeks. So we finally got underway in mid-May. Beats me why he wasn't thrilled with the prospect of a brand-new super-duper retaining wall and fence replacing the falling-down version he has now -- which is, btw, completely on my property. Why he wouldn't want me to replace (at my own expense) a fence that looks to be falling down is, actually, beyond my comprehension. But we are going with the flow in order to get the whole project on-track. Which means the pre-existing fence is staying, and we are building a nice new retaining wall next to it.

So, in spite of the litigious neighbor, by the beginning of June we were well underway on Step One: the south-to-southeast retaining wall.

The very next step, amazingly enough, is pouring the concrete foundation/slab for the house. This is tricky, since all of the infrastructure must be appropriately embedded in the concrete. It means that all of the electrical, lighting, plumbing, security, etc., must be finalized before the slab can be poured. What that translates to is some very long planning meetings in the last month.

Nonetheless, we are making progress. Here's a view toward the west, after the Monterey pine was removed in April:

The westerly view

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