Monday, June 23, 2014

Digging to China

The heavy earth mover left the site today. I was sad to see Stich go, but before they left, I did get to move a little dirt myself:

We found some remnants of the foundation of the original house that burned in the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire. That was really the only surprise during excavation, which is great news, but the concrete will have to be removed with a jackhammer:

The concrete crew arrived a week ago and began measuring off and laying out all of the exterior walls of the house, which was a big step. Now you can stand in a spot and know what the house will look like around you. Here is me standing at the kitchen island:

Adorno brought a smaller excavator that they've been using to dig a channel for the sides of the house. Here's the small excavator at work on the north wall of the salon:

Today the once-flat site was again full of piles of dirt and deep channels that make walking around almost impossible. Adorno's crew is building the forms for the concrete that will be the perimeter of the house. Here they are at work:

The cool thing is that the general outline of the house is finally beginning to take shape. Here you can see the piano salon/living room/dining room area:

Still no Comcast, although we did finally track down where the cable for the neighborhood is. Still no power; PG&E can't get out to turn it on until July 6th. Still no water; EBMUD wants to know the size of the main, which has to be determined by the guys installing the sprinkler system (REALLY? In a concrete house with a metal roof? Oh please), and they haven't finished their plans yet, because the City hasn't gotten back to them on pressure specifications.

Finish date: Still 4/15/2014

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